Get Selling

An ecommerce WordPress website package

Have you been thinking...

  • I really need to sell my products online
  • I need an online shop
  • I have a small budget but need to make the most of it
  • I’m so busy, I need something simple and flexible to get started

Let us get you started on the right foot with one of our ready-made sites uniquely set up to represent your business. Let us take one less task from your to-do list, you’ve got enough on your plate as a small business.

If you’ve just set up your business or have a recent start-up and still haven’t got around to getting that website made, see how we can help you.

The Get Selling website package is an easy and affordable way for a small business to start selling online

What do you get after we work together?

Selling 24/7/365

Your shop will be ready to take orders anytime or day or night 24/7.


Your shop will automate all your business processes, such as payments, invoicing & shipping.


Showcase all your products to your customers in your catalogue.

Exceptional service! Very fast turn around and great value for money! Would 100% recommend.
Titanium Security

What do you get?

The pages

  • Home
  • Shop
  • About
  • Terms and conditions
  • Contact


  • Contact form
  • Links to social media
  • Privacy Policy page


We’ll add the first five products and categories for you.

The detail

  • 30-minute introduction meeting by phone or video call
  • 1 hour of post-review meeting changes
  • Help with choosing a domain name if required
  • Our custom-built template branded to your business
  • Mobile / Tablet compatible website
  • Foundation SEO (Get found in Google)
  • Access to edit your written content on all pages
  • Taking the website from development to live
  • Submitting the site to Google
  • 30 minutes of post live alterations
  • 1-year Elementor license at 50% discount (Website framework)
  • Access to our self-service training documentation and videos

What will the site look like?

Here’s a small number of our Get Growing Websites

What's the cost and how long does it take?

The total


+£25 per year

The breakdown

£750 for 6 pages and a blog

£25 per year for the website software license (inclusive of a 50% discount)

Add ons

You can choose to add further pages to your site

  • Print packing slips and delivery notes
  • Custom shipping options
  • Courier delivery tracking integration
  • Advanced stock management
  • Size and colour options
  • Custom sorting filters

Delivery time

A fast website build. From the time all your content is ready and signed off it will take around a 10 to 15 days to complete your site.

Is this website package right for you?

Who is this package for?

  • You want a website dedicated to selling your products.
  • You want a fixed price.
  • You need something within a couple of weeks.
  • Perfect for start-up businesses or established businesses
  • Micro businesses and one man bands.
  • You may have been running your business from a Facebook or instagram page up to now.

Who is it not for?

  • You want a website that has other functions other than an online store
  • You want to understand your market audience in detail.
  • You have a very specific design or layout requirement.
  • You’d like in-depth meetings about design and layout.

If you need any of these, you need our bespoke website design service.

What happens now?

Get in touch

We’ll arrange an intro call to discuss your work.

The process

  • Fill in our enquiry form
  • Make a deposit payment
  • Provide your written content
  • We build the site
  • You review the site
  • Review changes are made
  • You approve the site
  • Make a completion payment
  • Your site goes live.
  • After care

Still have questions?

While we go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your website there are some important questions to read below to ensure you are clear on what is being provided and where any extra costs maybe incurred.

We also recommend you read our website development terms and conditions and general terms and conditions

Before the build

Although this website package is an online service and priced accordingly, we are very happy to speak with you at an agreed time for an introduction call (usually under 30 minutes). All other communications are carried out via email, phone or video call.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I would really like to meet and describe my design or business requirements to you”, it’s unlikely this website package is right for your needs and you should look at our Bespoke Website services, we can then spend time with you discussing your detailed requirements.

No. Simple as that.

Once the site is built and paid for you there are no contract obligations.

There is an annual license fee of £25.

However should you ever want to move your site you will need to license your own site and there will be some small costs involved with this. Usually around £50

If we install a specific plugin that requires a license we will ask you to purchase a license in your name and your billing details so you own the license and are responsible for any renenwals.

During the build

If you don’t have a logo, no problem. We can design a unique logo for your business. It’s best we do this before we start your project.

You can or we can.

We’ll give you access to our content gathering system where you can type in all the words you’ll need to provide us. We make it really easy for you to give us the right content and we’ll give you tips along the way.

Or you can choose to have professionally written copy. Writing good quality copy can be hard, so we’re here to help if you need a hand.

You’ll have a phone call with our copywriter to ask you a few important questions about you business and they will create some well written and compelling copy for your website.

We’ve made it as simple as possible.

No more sending multiple emails with logo’s, documents, PDF’s, scans and images.

We’ll give you access to our content gathering system where you can type in all the words you’ll need and upload any images you need to provide us.

Each page will be reviewed and then signed off before we start building your site.

It depends..

If there’s a couple of images that need a quick fix, no problem we’re happy to help.

However, in general the images you send us for use in your website will be the images we use.

We will not modify the image dimensions or quality (including, contrast or colour)

If you images are too small or not high enough quality we’ll flag that for you before we start work on your site.

Not for this level of website

If you want to see a unique design then you’ll need our bespoke website service.

We use our proven layouts and designs to create a professional look to your business along with using your brand / logo colours to further enhance the unique look of your site.

We have a library of compelling designs and layouts available. We’ll select the most appropriate for your industry and then we’ll custom it to your content, colours and branding.

Our designs and layouts are built to attract, be easy to read, simple to navigate, easy to use and retain visitors.

This will vary from site to site and the specification required. However, we estimate most sites are ready between 10 and 20 days.

Yes we will.

We’ll source images that suit your business sector. It can take a lot time searching for images that match with your business, so we’ll find the key images (The main homepage image, the service images, and the page header images)

You can also swap the images for your own.

You can also have the optional picture finding service. Tell the kind of image you want and we’ll search the internet until we find the right image for you. You’ll work with our photo library assistant to track down the perfect image.

Yes we can make additional changes beyond the delivered design and layout. There’s no limit to the amount of changes you can request. We’ll keep working until you are happy with the site. Additional requests are charged at our normal hourly rate.

There’s no limit on page length.

However, we limit the page content you provide to us when building your site to 500 words. Typically this is about 1 sheet of A4 for visual purposes and is normally more than enough for these types of sites.

However, you can ask us to add more for a small fee or you can add more after the site is ready using your login.

You can request a change at any time. 

We have a change process in place where we will review your change and provide a cost. You can then choose to accept the change, reject it or defer the change to a later date.

What do we can class as a change?

Anything that hasn’t been agreed in the estimate would be considered a change which typically results in additional work to complete your request.

The standard contact form comes with the following fields: Name, Email, Phone, Message.

On the ‘Get Growing’ Package there is an additional field ‘How did you hear about us’.

We can add more fields for you at a small additional cost.

Yes, is it for the following.

Site Cookies
Contact Form
Google Analytics

Any further privacy statement must be added by you.

After the build

Yes you can.

If you want us to handle this for you, just get in touch and we’ll give you a cost.

Yes it will.

Our sites look great on mobile and tablet.

While we hope you wouldn’t need to move. You’re free to move as you wish. The beauty of having us build your site on WordPress gives you the freedom to move suppliers unlike if you built a DIY site using a drag and drop builder such as Wix or Webflow.

All sites are optimised to be found for your company name and town.

If you’re not a niche business or have high competition in your town you’ll need to use our SEO service to boost your rankings in Google.

We will submit your site to the Google index once your site is live.

We add a sitemap file to ensure Google can index the site as soon as possible.

Your site is optimised as standard for your business name and town so users can find you. eg: Neptune Media Hastings

Your website does not appear instantly in Google or on Page 1 of Google the moment it is put live.

We can make no guarantees to when google will index your site or where your site will rank in google, as there are many factors that decide the ranking such as how new the site is, your content and the existing competition. However we can work with you to increase your rankings in Google should that be required by using our SEO service.

If you want to rank for ‘What you do’ eg: “your service in your town”. We can help increase your chances of being found in Google.

Yes you can. Once the site is live you will receive a login to the website. You will then be able to edit the main body text (in between the header and footer) easily on each page.

We understand for some people the learning curve can be steep so we are happy to offer training on managing the website at additional cost.

It’s 100% yours.

Once the site is built and paid for you have complete ownership.

We absolutely do not operate on a ‘rental’ basis where you don’t own or cannot move your website.

We have a highly recommended hosting partner that host all our websites.

Our hosting partner will be more than happy to assist you with this.

Want to work with us?

We’d be delighted to hear from you.