Website Development Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions cover all websites we build


This agreement is based on the assumption that you have provided the supplier with a complete list of your requirements for the scope of the project.

Any additional requirements will considered for inclusion in the current project but may not be permitted if they cause delay to the current project. However, changes can be submitted and reviewed for additional costing and scheduled for later addition.

Both parties agree to work in a timely manner.

If the client does not provide content or communication that causes delays we cannot guarantee the project will be finished within the proposed timelines.

If a client has a significant delay in provision of information, content or communication, we reserve the right to find a suitable time to respond and find a place back in the project schedule to resume work.

Website Platform

All sites are built on the WordPress platform unless otherwise agreed.

Content of the website

Once the content is signed off, any changes to the content will incur standard hourly rates to make requested changes.

This includes adding, removing or replacing signed off images.

We may alter your content to balance out certain elements of design to ensure an even design. (eg: removal of bullets points to ensure all points line up and are equal in number across columns)

Standard Media Delivery

Unless otherwise specified, this agreement assumes that any text will be provided by the client in electronic format (Word or Google Docs delivered via USB drive, e-mail or FTP) and that all photographs and other graphics will be provided physically in high quality print suitable for scanning or electronically in .gif, .jpeg, .png or .tiff format.

Although every reasonable attempt shall be made by us to return to the Client any images or printed material provided for use in creation of the Client’s website, such return cannot be guaranteed.

Website Content Management

The main content (text content between the header and footer) of the website can be managed through the WordPress dashboard. You will either be able to manage your content through the standard wordpress editor or a visual builder editor or custom fields.

If the wordpress editor becomes incompatible with the WordPress platform, we will aim to contact WordPress or the author of the theme to provide a fix. Installation of fixes can be chargeable depending on how we receive them from WordPress of the builder author.

Depending on the design, some images or content may not be editable via the editor. Any changes requested to design elements that cannot be edited normally are subject to the standard hourly rate.

Changes during build of the website

We will allow any critical changes such as email addresses, phone numbers during the build stage.

We will also allow minor changes to the copy during development. Examples of this are spelling corrections, punctuation and grammar. It does not include the modification of signed off content. Any content changes can be at additional cost. We understand things can forgotten or need changing last minute, so we allow you up to 15 minutes worth or urgent changes.

Any requests to change the design, content or images during the build phase may have to wait until we complete the original agreed build to prevent the project overrunning and impact other projects in the timeline.

Changes to the website after the site is live

Once the website is built by us, any changes to the design/build will incur standard hourly rates to make requested changes.

Desktop browser testing & mobile devices

We will test the website on the latest versions of Windows and Mac with the following web browsers: IE11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

We will also test the website on iPhone and iPad. Sites are built to industry standard guidelines and not to specific mobile devices. We cannot guarantee the site will look or function identically across every single mobile device. The site will however be fully responsive meaning the site can be viewed on a mobile device.

If any browser chooses to alter the look or functionality of the website we can provide costs on fixing a browser specific problem.

Website platform, theme and plugins incompatibilities & security

Occasionally a theme or plugin may break due to being incompatible with WordPress, additionally some themes or plugins may have security vulnerabilities discovered or exploited.

If this occurs we will notify you as soon as we are aware of any issues and advise how the issue can be resolved.

We are not responsible for the code of the WordPress platform, the theme, plugins, visual builders and other 3rd party software, therefore resolution of the issue will be chargeable at standard hourly rates.

Images for Apple Retina and High Definition Displays

By default all images are created for used on standard definition displays. They are not made for Apple Retina Screens or HiDPI enabled devices. If you have requested retina enabled images this can be added at additional cost, but by default it is not.

Use of 3rd Party Servers

We will test websites to work on our development servers provided by Neptune Hosting Ltd, and cannot guarantee correct functionality if the Client wishes to use a third-party server or host. In the event that the Client is using a third-party server, it is the responsibility of the Client and any third party host to ensure that the server is compatible with the website. We will assist the Client to configure the server if this is required. However, this may be subject to additional charges.

Access to the website

On receipt of complete funds for the project we will supply you with the website login details.

Website Licensing

All our websites carry a license for use of the theme or framework. If you move your website to a new provider we can remove this license and you will need to purchase a replacement license to ensure the site remains working with all features that are licensed.

In some cases for licensed plugins, we will suggest you create an account with the 3rd party supplier and pay for the license directly particular if this is on a renewal basis.

Copyright and Ownership

In the UK the owner of a commissioned design is the designer (Applicable for designs created after 1st  October 2014) . Copyright and ownership of materials remains with the creators.  See Section 1 of the guidance, “Owning rights in a design” 

The website will carry a credit to the designer and a link to our website in the footer of the site and will be discrete. Typically this will appear as, or similar to: Neptune Media Web Design

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