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How we charge

The first thing to know is we are a small business with low overheads. No larges offices or teams of permanent employees to fund. As a result, we can charge you less for the same quality of work as a large agency may charge you.

Whilst we encourage our clients to take control of their websites and update them themselves there are times and situations where a client will want us to update or make changes to their website.

There are also times when clients will want to talk about a new project and get our expert advice, ideas and input for the way forward.

£45 per hour is our standard hourly rate for general web design and development
£25 Minimum charge (for small changes upto 30 mins)
£65 per hour for Specialist application programming.

We can charged fixed price on fixed scope tasks. For example: Installing a common plugin.
Everything else is estimated.

For tasks where the scope is flexible we will agree an initial set number of hours in order to keep your budget accountable.

There maybe times when you needs us to perform troubleshooting for you.

This is £45 per hour and we will agree an initial 2 hour window for initial exploration. We aim to fix within those 2 hours, however  if it likely to be a bigger job we’ll advise you.

We don’t charge for initial calls or meetings to discuss a project enquiry. These are absolutely free for new clients up to 30 mins.

However, some tasks require meetings or multiple emails and calls in order to progress them. In these cases where our time is required to research or progress your work we charge our standard hourly rate.

We are often asked to take the time to research different solutions, methods or ideas either as part of a project or stand alone piece of work.

We charge our standard hourly rate for this service with a minimum of 4 hours.

If you need an update done urgently and can’t wait for it to be done under the normal time frames, or need specific work done out of hours, we can help you with this.

We charge £100 per hour this service during business hours and £150 per hour from 5pm to 9pm.
For weekends we charge £150 per hour from 9am to 5pm and £200 per hour from 5pm to 9pm.

Short notice changes must be requested during business hours however we can schedule these changes for out of hours with notice.

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